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Radical Suburbs

Released in April 2019 by Belt Publishing

Writing with brisk, upbeat directness, Kolson Hurley urges the reader to envision a very different kind of suburb: one that’s a mix of ethnic groups and income levels, where you can buy or rent a starter home for a reasonable price … She makes a great case that such a vision is vitally necessary.”—NPR

Hurley … has written a kind of Invisible Cities of urban planning—a short, concise collection of American dreams about what leaving the city and building a new community could mean, and what changed those dreams over time. To those of us who grew up in suburbs that were more defined by what you couldn’t do than what you could, Radical Suburbs is a glimpse into what American suburbia could have looked like if history had just gone a bit differently.”—Sierra magazine

“Radical Suburbs is a revelation. Amanda Kolson Hurley will open your eyes to the wide diversity and rich history of our ongoing suburban experiment. This book gives us all a new way to understand our varied suburbias and how to engage a serious conversation about making them for twenty-first century life. Essential reading for every urbanist.”
Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class

Radical Suburbs overturns stereotypes about the suburbs to show that, from the beginning, those ‘little boxes’ harbored revolutionary ideas about racial and economic inclusion, communal space, and shared domestic labor. Amanda Kolson Hurley’s illuminating case studies show not just where we’ve been but where we need to go.”
Alexandra Lange, author and architecture critic for Curbed

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Bristol Classical Press/Bloomsbury, 2004

“Hurley’s book does a better job than anything else at bringing an educated, but Latinless, audience to the Catullan corpus.”Bryn Mawr Classical Review

“The book is eminently readable, frequently engaging and the author’s love for Catullus and his English successors shines through.”Scholia Reviews