All the articles I’ve written since 2016—and earlier ones, eventually, when I get around to adding them.

The Capitol Being Turned Into a Fortress Spurs D.C. Push for Statehood:
Bloomberg Businessweek

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Design Hacks Will Dominate the Coronavirus Recovery Landscape:
Bloomberg CityLab
Trump’s Bizarre Plan to Make Architecture Classical Again: The Atlantic

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He Contained Multitudes: The American Scholar
What’s the Deal With AOC’s Retro-Style GND Posters?: CityLab
What Internet Memes Get Wrong About Breezewood, Pennsylvania: CityLab
The Detested Bradford Pear Tree Is Coming to a Forest Near You: CityLab
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The Secret History of the Suburbs: CityLab
America’s Management of Urban Forests Has Room for Improvement: CityLab
Understanding the New Mormon Temple in Rome: CityLab
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The Folly of the U.K.’s New Architectural Style Wars: CityLab
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Why a ‘Memory Town’ Is Coming to Your Local Strip Mall: CityLab
Can Silicon Valley Disrupt How We Build?: CityLab
Inside the Secret Cities That Created the Atomic Bomb: CityLab
The Suburb Wooing Millennials With Avocados, Kombucha, and Cheap Houses: CityLab
The Case for Putting Amazon’s HQ2 in the Suburbs: CityLab

The House of the Future Is Elevated: CityLab
Landmarking Fannie Mae Building Will Dilute Historic Preservation:
Washington City Paper
Designing for a Better Democracy: CityLab
“Housing Is Everybody’s Problem”: The Forgotten Crusade of Morris Milgram: Places Journal
Octopuses Are Urbanists, Too: CityLab
Amy Weinstein’s New Eastern Market Building Is Exuberantly Victorian:
Washington City Paper
The Deer in Your Yard Are Here to Stay: CityLab
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Why Is the Alt-Right So Angry About Architecture?: CityLab
The Military Declares War on Sprawl: CityLab
National Harbor Is a Private Urban Island Designed for Fun—If You Can Get There:
Washington City Paper
The Case for Preserving—and Improving—Brutalist Architecture:
Washington Post Magazine
The Show That Fuses Architectural Critique With Real-Estate Porn: CityLab
Diplomatic Design: New US Embassies Make an Architectural Statement: CNN
Can Silicon Valley Kick the Sprawl Habit?: CityLab
The Rise and Fall of Design as Medicine for the Mentally Ill: Washington City Paper
What If McMansions Ruled the World?: CityLab
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How to Reinvent Historic Preservation: Architect
Time-Travel Therapy: The Atlantic

Bridging D.C.’s Starkest Divide: Next City
DIY Urban Planning Is Happening All Over the Country. Is It Only for White People?:
The Washington Post
Glass-Box Architecture Has Held Sway in D.C. Long Enough: Washington City Paper
D.C.’s Newest Library Packs a Lot of Visual Drama Into a Small, Simple Building: Washington City Paper
The Strange Victorian Computer That Generated Latin Verse: Atlas Obscura
National Museum of African-American History and Culture Prepares to Open in Washington, D.C.: Wallpaper
The Design Evolution of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture: Washington City Paper
The Other 9/11 Memorial: Washington City Paper
The Art of Sitting Pretty: Architect
A Rust Belt Education: Architect
Why Air and Space Should Build Anew: Washington City Paper
Why the Olympics Are Bad for (Most) Cities: Travel + Leisure
A Marcel Breuer Building in Reston May Get Knocked Down: Washingtonian
Detroit Is Designing a City With Space for Everyone, Including Goats: Next City
Welcome to Disturbia: Curbed
The ‘Future of Suburbia,’ According to MIT: Architect
In Defense of Suzane Reatig and Her Modernist Buildings: Washington City Paper
Local Filmmaker Found Reston Has Something in Common With the West Bank: Washingtonian
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How Gallaudet University’s Architects Are Redefining Deaf Space: Curbed
The Winning WWI Memorial Designer Did Just What Was Asked. And That’s the Problem: Washington City Paper
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D.C. Can—and Should—Build Inviting Facilities for Homeless Families:
Washington City Paper
The Problem of Resegregation in Suburbia: CityLab
Why Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Is the New Face of Suburbia: CityLab
Will U.S. Cities Design Their Way Out of the Affordable Housing Crisis?: Next City
Gallaudet University’s Brilliant, Surprising Architecture for the Deaf: Washingtonian
Why Architect Bjarke Ingels Risks Reputation With Pigskins Deal:
Washington City Paper
The Height of Efficiency: The Atlantic