Ban Flash

Best Practices: Revamp Your Website

Architects’ sites all tend to suffer from the same set of problems. Here’s a guide to avoiding those mistakes and ensuring that your firm puts its best face forward online.

Architect, November 2014

Squinting to read tiny white words set on a black background? Not knowing whether to click or to scroll? Do these problems sound familiar? Your website is the face that most of the world will see—even more than your latest building or monograph—so get it right by following a few simple rules:

Don’t do Flash: It’s easy to see the appeal of Flash animation as a dynamic splash page to introduce your practice. Resist the temptation. Your content will be invisible to search engines and impossible to view on mobile devices.

Think beyond the portfolio: Many architects still treat their websites as digital monographs—heroic project images front and center, with descriptions and design philosophy at the margins. But more firms are chafing at the restrictions of the “grand showcase,” as NBBJ communications director Helen Dimoff, Assoc. AIA, calls it.

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