New Suburbia, Part 3

When Integrating the Suburbs Isn’t Enough

In Minnesota’s Twin Cities region, fair housing advocates are engaged in a fierce debate over just how much race matters.

CityLab, Feb. 18, 2016

Given his oft-repeated opinion that housing and schooling patterns in many parts of the U.S. reflect racial discrimination, and his urging that wealthy, predominantly white suburbs should house more poor people and people of color, it’s not surprising that the Twin Cities-based academic Myron Orfield has fierce critics.

What’s surprising is who they are.

They’re not just small-government types who resent interference in their neighborhoods (although as the comments on CityLab’s Q&A with Orfield show, those folks are not big fans). Instead they include local activists for progressive causes and academics, at least a couple of whom teach, as Orfield does, at the University of Minnesota.

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